Tassel Necklace Denim
Jiya Jewellery

Tassel Necklace Denim

Authentic Mala necklace.

Handmade with 108 sandalwood and quartz beads.

Hanging length: 40cm

Beads: 6mm - 6.5mm.

 Mala necklaces are traditionally worn around the neck as prayer beads during meditation and contemplation, in the Buddhist tradition.  They are reputed to bring a sense of peace and spirituality to the wearer.  Each one has been handmade using 108 sandalwood and quartz beads, finished with a stunning long tassel for a pop of colour. 

Mala necklaces make the most wonderful and truly thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Some minor variations may occur due to the natural handcrafted nature of Mala necklaces.